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Sterling silver 4 mm faceted Moldavite pendant  (1 pc)

Sterling silver 4 mm faceted Moldavite pendant (1 pc)

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Beautiful rare genuine about 4 and 4.5 mm faceted Moldavite,about 15 mm (overall size incl. bail) pendant mounted in sterling silver.This item is available in multiple quantity,each piece is very simillar,almost same.Price is per one (1 pc) piece.Free gift box included.

Settings:                     silver 925/1000 (Sterling silver)
Dimensions (cm):      1.5 x 1.4 x 0.4 cm (size including bail)
Weight:                      each about 1.3 gram
Origin of stone:          Czech republic

We sell real authentic moldavites only.We have to warn everybody,lot of items especialy on ebay or from chinese dealers are fakes,not real moldavites.

If you look for specimens for collection or to make own jewellery,you can check out our main shop at http://www.rockshop.cz/store. 

We are IMCA member #2082 (International Meteorite Collectors Association - www.imca.cc )

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