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Genuine certified Libyan Desert Glass raw tektite specimen 1 - 1.5 gram with box - Random pick

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Random picked genuine raw Libyan Desert Glass specimen in a plastic box with our company authenticity card / certificate with our IMCA id number included (but not a gem lab certificate)

Dimensions (mm): average about
15 - 25 mm
Weight:  range 1 - 1.5 gram
Origin of stone: Eastern Libya

Libyan desert glass is a greenish-yellow impact glass from a strewnfield in the Eastern Libya and Western Desert of Egypt.

The impact origin is disputed, however, by some scientists. The impact site has not been located yet, although there is clear evidence an impact happened (e.g., Kleinmann et al., 2001). In 2013, Kramers et al. published analyses of a small black rock and proposed it to be the remnant of a cometary nucleus fragment that impacted after incorporating gases from the atmosphere.

The major component of Libyan Desert Glass is almost pure molten silica glass, Lechatelierite.

The glass was discovered by the international scientific community in 1932, but it had been used by the Ancient Egyptians as a gemstone.

LDG has Highly protective mystical energy and enhance spiritual healing.It works as a psychic shield.


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