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About Libyan Desert Glass

by David Kalat
About Libyan Desert Glass

Libyan glass (LDG) is a rare mostly yellow-colored tektite / impactite,called also impact glass. It is found in only one place in the world in the desert near the borders of Libya and Egypt. For this reason, it is also called Libyan desert glass. The origin is not yet completely known. but it is assumed that it was created when an asteroid or comet hit the earth's surface approximately in the Tertiary period about 28 million years ago. However, the place of impact has not yet been found and the theory of its origin is therefore uncertain. It is the purest glass on earth, it contains about 98 % of silicate and shock minerals formed during impact. The melting point of LDG is higher than that of ordinary glass, i.e. 1700 degrees Celsius.

Libyan glass was already used in the Stone Age for the production of primitive tools. The ancient Egyptians also liked it for the production of jewelry or even ceremonial objects.

When in 1922, an Egyptologist with British blood Howard Carter (1874–1939) discovered the tomb of Tutankhamun, more than the body itself, the researcher was struck by a dagger with a golden sheath, which had not succumbed to rust since the sarcophagus was closed. The figures decorating the handle in the form of lilies and fine feathers are also impressive. A yellow scarab is also discovered with her. At the time, however, no one knew that both objects were made of Libyan glass. It did not come to the attention of scientists until 1932, when the exotic glass caught the eye of a research expedition led by P. A. Clayton. Together with Leonard James Spencer (1870–1959), he is the author of the first description of Libyan glass.

Libyan Desert Glass is a transformational stone that offers powerful empowering energies that resonate directly with the solar plexus, sacral and third eye chakras. It is a highly protective stone and is beneficial for strengthening your willpower by preventing other people from stealing your energy. It is a powerful tool of manifestation and enhances your spiritual healing. It helps us explore our past lives and is said to allow you to make contact with beings from other dimensions, including extraterrestrials. The vibrations of this stone support the growth of your personal abundance and prosperity through its powerful effect on your solar plexus chakra area. It helps prevent energy vampires from stealing your energy as it creates a strong barrier to prevent these types of negative events. It also resonates very well in the area of ​​the sacral chakra and thus strengthens and increases your creativity. It fills you with a sense of happiness, joy and love for life.


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